Sunday School

Sunday School is an important ministry of New Hopewell Baptist Church. It is through Sunday School that we engage our congregation in Bible study and prepare them for LIFE.

Is is through the Sunday School that we

Learn - Bible study is the primary purpose of our Sunday School. Each class, from our nursery through our adults, has an age-appropriate Bible lesson every week. When we study God's Word with a small group of believers we will learn to develop the mind of Christ and how to apply His wisdom to our everyday lives.

Involve - The small group Sunday School classes provide an avenue for us to minister to each other. We become involved in the lives of others when we celebrate the joys and experience the difficulties together. 

Fellowship - Building relationships and experiencing the fellowship of other individuals who are your age and are in the same stage of life is an important part of our church. Our Sunday School classes will provide you with an opportunity to meet new people. It is a great way to develop friendships and have fun times together.

Evangelize - In Matthew 28, every Christian is instructed to tell others about Jesus Christ. Sunday School provides the resources and encouragement you need to share the good news with others.

We offer classes for infants and toddlers, 2's and 3s, 4's - Kindergarten, 1st-3rd grade, 4th-6th grade, Youth, College and Career, Co-ed Young Adults, Co-ed Median Adults, Co-Ed Senior Adults, Ladies only and Men only. We have a place for you!